A la Carte Services

Want to start small and build your own Style by Malia program? This is the place to start.
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No matter how great your clothes are, without the proper foundation you may as well be wearing sweats. 

includes bra fitting + lingerie shopping + full measurements

Shop your Closet Session

Need to just have Malia come in and tell you how to wear the things you have or show you new ways to wear the things you love? Let’s shop your closet!  

includes 1.5 hours + shopping list

Closet Audit and Assessment

Do you walk into your closet and see clothing but no outfits? Or does every item have a story to tell but you still have nothing to wear? Style by Malia will work with you to change how your closet functions.

includes 2 hours in closet + shopping list + mini look book

Special Event Styling 

Whether you’re getting ready to receive an award or attending the hottest event in town, let Style by Malia help you shine.

includes look creation + 2 hours shopping + look completion guide

Travel Prep

Getting ready to travel for business or some well-earned R&R? Malia will help you look your best while you’re away from home and take the stress out of packing.

includes trip prep + 1 hour shopping + 1 hour packing prep + look guide

Wardrobe Enhancement 

Hate to shop? Style by Malia has your back. All you have to do is show up, hit the dressing room and try on clothes that Malia has already chosen based on your needs, budget and size. It really is that simple!

includes .5 hour consultation/budget assessment + 3 hours client styling/shopping