Wardrobe Styling

Over the last 10 years Style by Malia has been successful in working with people locally and throughout the country to Show up for their lives dressed for anything. The Unique process Malia has created helps you save time, save money and avoid the stress of getting dressed for everyday or special events
The Process starts with:

The Consultation

A consultation with Malia is simply put a conversation. We will delve into what your goals are in life, in love, in career and other parts of your life. Malia will ask you questions and listen closely to the answers. This consultation as well as your client assessment will give us the tools to create your Style Profile.

The Budget

Because of Malia’s strong belief that style is something every person has and can achieve she makes is so her pricing fit the client. Knowing that she is committed to you looking your best she can and will be honest about what she believes she can achieve within the budget you both agree to. Please keep in mind Service Budgets and Clothing Budget are 2 separate budgets.

The Services

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Style Curating

Closet Audit

Foundation Fitting

Clothing Shopping, Exchanges & Returns

Special Event

Travel Prepping & Packing

Closet & Dressing Room Design