Renee Mengali | CEO, Mengali Accountancy
SbM Client since 2012

When was the last time you felt beautiful—inside and out? The kind of beautiful that causes you to exude confidence and charisma and makes you shine from the inside out…the type of TRUE beauty that attracts people to you and allows you to walk around with your head held high and a huge smile on your face? Well for me, it had been WAY too long. I’d always been a pretty outgoing person but as a busy business owner and wife, I was always the last person I would spend any time on—and my wardrobe showed it. Every workday, my first dose of stress would always arrive while trying to pick out an outfit to wear to the office (when none of my clothes fit me). Without fail, I’d resort to a turtleneck and slacks in the winter and a blouse with a skirt in the summer. My pallet was black and grey…with light and dark grey thrown in for some “pops of color”. Never in a million years could I see myself hiring a personal stylist; only rich people do that, or so I thought. Two years ago, Malia came into my life thanks to the Healdsburg Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs Network. We met at a mixer and the rest is history. Malia emailed me a few weeks after we met letting me know she had put together my “Personal Style Guide” and that I needed to come take a look at it in her studio. My what?…I thought to myself….my style guide? I have no style so how could there possibly be a GUIDE to my style?? I had to see this for myself. After a one hour presentation in her studio, I saw the “me” I wanted to be and hired Malia on the spot. I now have the confidence to put together outfits that I actually get excited about wearing – and I feel beautiful! About a month ago, I referred a dear girlfriend to Malia. I recently saw her and she greeted me with these powerful words, “Thanks so much for connecting me with Malia, she made me feel beautiful again.” Do you want to feel beautiful again? If so, hire Malia!

Barbara Ragsdale | President, Knights’ Electric Inc
SbM Client since 2014

I met Malia through an opportunity to do a Modern Beauty photo shoot. Within the first 10 minutes of being in her office she had become my confessor. Due to some lifechanges and knee injuries my body no longer looked the way it did when I purchased the clothes I had in my closet. I had resorted to tunics and leggings and in Malia’s words I “had given up”. She and I went shopping that afternoon for something to wear at the photo shoot and then we made an appointment to meet and shop again at a later date to round out my wardrobe. That shopping experience was a blast, I was trying on clothes I never would have chosen on my own and I was loving them. I used to dread getting dressed for work in the morning, going into my closet knowing that whatever I put on would either hurt and/or look horrible. Malia has changed all that! I wake up every day now looking forward to feeling pretty, it seems so long since I have felt that way. My wonderful husband has always told me I am beautiful, now I don’t just hear the words I feel them. Thank you Malia!

Letitia Hanke-Ryzhkov | President/CEO, ARS Roofing & Gutters
SbM Client since 2013

Malia Anderson I just wanted to stop in and thank you for all that you do. I received yet another compliment today “from my auditor” and I was wearing something quick and easy yet professional that you put together for me. What did I do before you? Was I walking around naked? Nothing is the same anymore. I find myself saying ” and yes just a splash of color right there” all the time. Your expertise has changed my confidence level and my self esteem. As I said earlier…MALIA FOR LIFE!!!!! 





Kerry Rego | Founder, Kerry Rego Consulting
SbM Client since 2011


I have used Malia's services on a regular basis for several years. I am in the public eye, featured in media, and my clothes must reflect who I am as a woman and a professional brand. I am a very decisive and Malia adapts her style to match my needs. She helped me define the look that makes me feel my best, shops with me for special events, tells me where the stores are that sell what I'm looking for, and answers my questions. I absolutely love shopping with Malia because she takes the hard part out of the equation. I walk immediately into a dressing room filled with clothes in my size and styles that work for me. She pulls the looks and all I have to do it is try them on. It's made even better by the fun she brings to the dressing room. Malia is amazing and every day when someone comments on how nice I look, even if she didn't pick that exact outfit, I know it's her influence, education, and assistance that have me looking like a million bucks! Thank you Style by Malia!

Drea Helfer | Founder/Owner/Lead Compliance Consultant, DH Compliance
SbM Client since 2014

When working with Style By Malia there are various options. I did an audit of my closet to clean out what didn't work. We then went shopping together. When I arrived at the mall Malia had already picked outfits for me to try. Some in the comfort box and some out. We began creating my style. For the first time in a long time I really felt like I knew my style and I felt confident about it. I now know what I should and should not buy for my wardrobe. I’ve developed a better sense of creating outfits and adding amazing “pieces” to my closet. In addition I’ve met with her additional times and picked out items for specific events or appearances. There are so many great things that I could say and fill up hours of your time. If you don’t have a stylist, you need one. It doesn’t matter who you are. Your life will change. Style by Malia is a game changer.

Tina Wallis | Attorney, Carle Mackie & Ross LLP
SbM Client since 2015

"I had never worked with a stylist before and didn’t really know what to expect, but Malia made me feel comfortable within five minutes of meeting her.  With her skill, professionalism and patience, I accomplished so much more than I ever expected and in very short time.  I am grateful for a new look, a supportive environment, and Malia’s joyful laughter.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come."