3 Things I do to Prep My Wardrobe for the New Year

I think just like everyone in the world I make new years resolutions that in theory sound very practical and easy to achieve. Until mid February where I am back to my normal bad habits and lack of time. As 2014 ends I am prepping to do that very same thing again in the hopes for a different outcome. However when it comes to my clothes and my personal style I do the same 3 things every Jan that make my life surprisingly stress free.

1. I clear out my Foundation Drawers. Away go Bad bras, Panties with shot elastic, Tights with holes, Spanx that have seen better days and that pile of socks that is missing it’s mate. The reason for this is simple it is a time of year I can remember and it makes it easy to know how long something has been around. Bra’s last 2 years after that they no longer hold the girls in place. Panties about a year. Tights are varied for me since I only wear them in the winter. I have a pair that is 3 years old but I maybe wear them once a year. Spanx for me as a regular wearer about 9-13 months and sock are the worst I replace that pile every year.

2. Shoes to be repaired. In January I go through all of my shoes. Shoes that I don’t wear do to pinched toes or blisters no matter how cute go to the women’s shelter. I will never wear them again so they may as well make someones day. Shoes that have served me well that need to go to shoe heaven are given a send off ceremony. The shoes that still have lots of life left are taken to the cobber to be repaired and polished. Shoes that 99% off the time that get tossed are my summer sandals and flip flops and at least one pair of sneakers.

3. Clothing Repair. ok full disclosure I can’t sew a button on a shirt. I try and it just frustrates me. So I have a pile of clothing in my closet  all the time that is in need of repair. Things like buttons and seam rips my amazing hubby fixes for me or the dry cleaner does. But there is this other pile that need alterations or  serious repair. Throughout the year I will try things that I love and then get sick of those go into a special place in my closet along with clothing that for whatever reason has been pulled out of rotation. Sometimes those items can be saved with an alteration or repair. If so they go with me to the tailor and we make changes to them so I can place them back into my closet to fall in love with all over again.

Just a couple quick things I also do in January:

  • Get new mascara
  • Check  and empty all my handbags
  • Organize my jewelry box