Style Rules

Sometime Style Rules are the hardest rules to break. We all have them things that we think are Fashion Absolutes and I am not always sure those are they best boxes to put yourself. Here is a list of basic Style Rules we should all follow~

1. Less is more

If you are not sure about how so layer keep it simple there is nothing worse then looking like the Stay puff marshmallow man because you have on a tank, a knit sweater, a blazer and an overcoat.

2. Accentuate the Positive

If your best feature is great legs let the world see then . If you have a great neck stop covering it with turtlenecks. Now don’t let this rule backfire on you if you have great cleavage good for you but you don’t want it staring at people durning board meetings.

3. When in doubt Wear Clothes

I am sure you are thing well DUH! Here is what I mean there is nothing worse then not being able to get dressed for working in the morning. So take a step back think about your day what you have to do, who you have to see and where you have to go. Them approach your clothes like you would any work day put on what you need to get to the end of your day.

4. Before you leave the house take a look in the mirror

I know this is an old Chanel rule but it is very true. Get dressed and just before you leave the house take a looking in the mirror and remove the item the is blaring at you. Sometimes there is no need to wear every accessory you own.