Bad Bras Give You Back Fat

It’s true. Ok maybe it is a long way to go to get you to clean out your underwear drawer but it worked for me.

It is a new year and you may as well start it out as fashionable as possible. I like to think of Jan. as my clean up and clean out month. It is the time when I get rid of things I am not wearing, giveaway those impulse purchase that are really not me and make sure that my style is as sharp and defined as I think it is. So where do you start? The same way you get dressed, in the underwear drawer. 

This week’s task in my opinion is the most important fashion rule for all women… Clean out your underwear drawer. Bras last about a year to a year and a half, panties 6 to 9 months and pantyhose, tights, and trouser socks 3 to 5 months and that is with the best care. 

Let’s start with bras- Now is not the time to be frugal, go through your bras and get rid of the bras you know you are not going to wear, the ones that pinch and dig into your skin, and the ones that have no more support or the hooks are broken. These do not help you look your best or feel your best so they must go. From there you should have the okay bras and the best of what you have. The okay bras become bras you wear in casual settings, to run errands or hang out at the house. The best of what you have should be worn to work, events, or dates. 

Now that you have sorted through you need to head out and get a professional bra fitting. I know everyone thinks they know what they wear but 85% of us are wrong. It is something I recommend that you have done once a year, since You gain and lose weight and your bra size changes. This is a service that should be free to you from the stores. 

My favorite place to be fitted Nordstrom’s because they carry everyone’s size for the most part. Locally you can try Marga’s or Ma Cherie et Moi both located in Montgomery Village. In the Mall you have Victoria’s Secret or Lane Bryant.

Now on to Panties- You have to have a pair for all outfits and occasions so it is okay to buy several different kinds. The one rule with panties is once the elastic is shot it is time for them to go in the trash. There is nothing worse than not realizing until it is too late that your panties are going to be an all day problem.

Pantyhose, Tights & Trouser Socks – It is an old fashion rule but it works. If you get a run, wear them under pants. When they become unwearable, then throw them out or if you want an old modeling trick cut then in to strips and make ponytail holders. I wear them at home or to the gym not to the board meeting.

When you are trying to build a stylish Wardrobe you have to have the best undergarments possible otherwise the rest just looks like you not trying hard enough.